Outi Martikainen

Lace Tells, Outi Martikainen, 2011. Photo: Crafts Council
Lace Tells, Outi Martikainen, 2011. Photo: Crafts Council

Outi Martikainen - Finland

The artist reveals...

...how lace is significant to their work

“Introducing myself to the history of lace making I got hooked into ‘lace tells’ forming a link to the great storytelling tradition in England. Lace started to appear to me as letters attached to each other”.

...the ideas behind the work

“With the history of lace making in my mind, I wanted to create an interpretation of architecture and textile. I wanted to make stories — ‘Tells’ — on the façade of the museum. Laddered stockings have stories. They also ask the question ‘what happened’? It’s something imperfect, shaking the balance, unpredictable”.

Outi Martikainen studied at the University of Art and Design, Helsinki, and has collaborated with SARC Architects since 2004; buildings include the Faculty of Medicine, Oulu (2004) and the Finnish National Board of Education, Helsinki (2009).


Supported by Lappset
Supported by Lappset
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