Nils Völker

One Hundred and Eight, Nils Völker, 2010. Photo: Sophie Mutevelian
Nils Völker - Germany

The artist reveals...

...the techniques used to make the work

“Most of my work is of a rather technical nature; creating electric circuits, programming, drawing circuit boards and soldering. But in the end all the engineering lies hidden under an organic appearing surface and can only be imagined”. lace is significant to their work

“Probably it is not the material itself that is significant. It is the way large amounts of thread are arranged that is somehow similar to how the electric wiring is organised, which is both of practical use but also has a very aesthetic appearance”.

Nils Völker studied Visual Communication at the Bauhaus University, Weimar (1999-2004), and has received the iF Communication Design Award. He now specialises in the field of physical computing and new media art. Exhibitions include MADE Space, Berlin (2011), MU, Eindhoven (2009).

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