Michael Brennand-Wood

Lace the Final frontier, Michael Brennand-Wood, 2011. Photo: Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery
Lace the Final frontier, Michael Brennand-Wood, 2011. Photo: Sophie Mutevelian

Michael Brennand-Wood - UK

The artist reveals...

...how lace is significant to their work

 “I first made lace in or around 1973, bobbin lace followed by a short spell working on an industrial machine in Nottingham. I loved the diagrammatic, schematic linear designs that a lace maker worked from. They reminded me of graphic contemporary music scores”.

...the ideas behind the work

“ My intention is to construct a ‘military lace’ emblematic of conflict and the annexing of resources and territory. Imagery for the roundels is drawn from three sources; lace, weaponry, and the Rorschach test. The visual field of the work echoes the instructional, pricked, diagrammatic papers on which bobbin laces are constructed – in this case a fusion of Islamic and Western geometry”.

Michael Brennand-Wood has exhibited, and is collected, worldwide, including the V&A, London and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan. His work has referenced lace on many occasions over his career, winning the Belgian 3rd Betonac Prize in 1992 for his lace inspired work.

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