Kathleen Rogers

Black Lace, Kathleen Rogers, 2011. Photo: Crafts Council
Black Lace, Kathleen Rogers, 2011. Photo: Crafts Council

Kathleen Rogers UK

The artist reveals...

...the techniques used to make the work

“To create the film I have applied Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Confocal Laser Microscopy (CLM) to trace the topological features and the physical structures of lace.”

...the ideas behind the work

“The idea behind the work is to do with scrutinizing the lace so as to reveal its atomic dimensions. The work focuses on a fragment of antique Chantilly lace from Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery lace collection, greatly magnified so as to show the fineness of the lace in minute detail. By doing this we can see the lace from a completely different perspective”.

Kathleen Rogers is Professor of Media Arts and Science at the University for the Creative Arts. Exhibitions include ICA, London (1996),The Lab Gallery, San Francisco (2001), Royal Institute, London (2008), XXX Moscow International Film Festival (2008), and Lisbon Art and Science Biennale (2009).

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