Katharina Hinsberg

Percieds, Katharina Hinsberg, 2011.
Percieds, Katharina Hinsberg, 2011. Photo: Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery

Katharina Hinsberg - Germany

The artist reveals......

the ideas behind the work

“I transfer images using the pouncing technique casino online usa, traditionally used to transfer pattern from paper to cloth by means of pricked holes. The ‘pounce’, a fine powder, was rubbed through leaving a pattern of dots on the cloth. The title for this work is Perceids, written with a ‘c’, so as to conjure the association with the French word for drilling,‘percer’. But of course, Perceids also stands for the meteor showers in the Perseus constellation, connecting the work to an antique concept which sees stars as holes in the membrane of the sky”.

Katharina Hinsberg is Professor of Conceptual Art at Saarbrucken University of Art, specialising in site-sensitive work including a permanent wall work at the Ministry of Agriculture, Berlin (2011). Exhibitions include the Kunstmuseum, Stuttgart (2008) and the Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales, Montevideo (2011).

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